Artoll Project

For a project at Artoll In Bedburg-Hau, Germany, I spent a week in the Artoll building set in the middle of a psychiatric clinic, accompanied by a group of other Fine Art students from Arnhem and Enschede. In a short week, we created site specific work and ended with a one day exhibition. I created a site specific installation in one of the rooms, using wire and wool, as well as old wallpaper which we found in the attick of an old ruin located at the premises. The work is titled “Gedijen”, and visitors were led through it by the way it was constructed. I filmed the proces, a link to this film can be found on this page, as well as photographs of the work. The work was deconstructed the day after the exhibition.

For more photo’s, click the photo below
Making of “Gedijen”

More Artoll

One thought on “Artoll Project

  1. A great exhibition, too bad it was only one afternoon! “Gedijen”, means: “continuously growing”, but also: “bringing an undertaking to a successful end”. Both apply here and also to the young artist herself, who already made some stunning new contributions to art

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