Opening Exhibition @ Betakontext in Berlin

Last Friday 3 August, the Exhibition titled “Just another Art for Life Experience – Set 8” opened at Betakontext in Berlin. The atmosphere was great! The exhibition will be on show until January 2019, so if you’re looking for a special place to sleep when visiting Berlin, come and sleep between the art!20180803_230546  20180803_23073120180803_191915.jpg           20180803_230520

For a more detailed look at my work for this Exhibition, click here.

The project space “Betakontext” is in an apartment built to combine changing exhibitions and a short term living possibility. For the 8th edition, works by Jakob Buraczewski, Rosita Hofmann, Andrea Neumann, Marta Masternak, and Willeke van Ravenhorst are exhibited.
LOCATION: Badstr. 33 A, 13357 Berlin


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