For the exhibition Hemelladder in the gardens of the Sint Franciscus Xaverius Church in Amersfoort, the Netherlands, I have made a site specific installation which connects the back exterior wall of the church with a lower garagebox building situated in the garden. The exhibition was curated by Jaap Velserboer and organised by Galerie de Ploegh.

BEAM | 2021 | 110 m of 16 mm blue polypropylene rope, 40 m of 10 mm steel cable, 12 m of 10mm threaded rods, metal wire rope clamps, metal thimbles, hooked screws | Gardens of Sint Franciscus Xaverius Church, Amersfoort, the Netherlands | Initiative of Galerie de Ploegh | Curated by Jaap Velserboer

Build-up video of BEAM