Circa…dit II – Lola Bezemer – Cuboctahedron I & II

For my newest work I invited Amsterdam based artist Lola Bezemer to work on a new installation together with me. Lola, who graduated from the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam last year, creates architectural installations in which she researches the perception of colour and light within a certain space. My own site specific installations focus on researching the experience of the space and the way one moves around in it. Both of us are very drawn to certain ideas about art as reflected for example by Robert Morris in ‘notes on sculpture’. This shared fascination brought us to a specific mathematical form, named the Cuboctahedron. Taking this form as a starting point, we started thinking of concepts around the Cuboctahedron, relating to Robert Morris’ ideas about form, and ways to handle, deal with and play with ideas and theories with this specific object. The concept we chose to focus on for the current exhibition in Circa…dit, Arnhem, concerns ideas about scale as well as perception of space. Because of the huge scale in which we have executed the Cuboctahedron, only a small part of it is visible within the exhibition space. The innerspace of the Cuboctahedron is invisible. This results in the blurring of the boundary between the space and the sculpture: the sculpture becomes the space and the space becomes the sculpture.

The installation can now be viewed for the coming four weeks in art space Circa…dit in Arnhem. See poster for details. Scroll down for photo’s of the installation and the model, followed by the exhibition poster.

You can also visit Lola Bezemer’s website:

IMG_0712Cubocahedron II

IMG_0717Cubocahedron II

IMG_0716Cubocahedron II

IMG_0727Cubocahedron IIIMG_0707Cubocahedron IIMG_0709Cubocahedron I

Breaking down Cuboctahedron II

Also see:


Exhibition Poster

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