Deponentia II

For the exhibition “Eigentijds vervlochten met MIJ” (Contemporarily interwoven with ME) by Museum IJsstelstein I am exhibiting among a group of fine colleagues with the site specific installation ‘Deponentia II’ which I have created with the assistance of Cornelius Grau in IJsselstein’s 16th century castle tower that serves as a satellite location to the Museum. I spent the two weeks leading up to the opening living and working in the medieval centre of IJsselstein, which proved an interesting and valuable experience. Being so immersed in this fairy tale like place which seems unreal most of the time, in its peculiar mix of ancient buildings, walls, stones and streets alternated with completely modern shopping and nightlife facilities breaking the spell, was an experience I will not soon forget. Imaginably it all found a way into the installation, which dances trough the space above the steps in the castle tower like a temporarily frozen mist, in its form of three differently brightly coloured intermingled spiderwebs. See below for an impression of the installation in the form of images and video material, but to experience and walk through the real thing, you can visit the exhibition which will be open every Wednesday to Sunday from 13:00 to 17:00 throughout the summer until 17 September 2017.