Durch Wind Und Wetter

These two small art pieces, collectively titled “Durch Wind und Wetter” (seperately titled “Wind” and “Wetter”) are the result of a process of experimentation with new materials, which I started in the autumn of 2015. I became interested in the material of threaded wire rods because of their intruiging yeilding/unyielding qualities, and in the process of experimentation, combined them with various other materials such as plastic sheets, paper, fabics, stone and wood plates. “Durch Wind und Wetter” constitutes an interesting interplay between two different materials, which in combination form a playful act of tension and flexibility, a kind of struggling dance, resulting in a fragile yet solid balance.

“Durch Wind und Wetter”, 2015

consisting of: “Wind”, 40cm x 14 cm x 20 cm and “Wetter”, 40cm x 20 cm x 40 cm // metal threaded wire rods, various metal connection points, woodplate

“Durch Wind und Wetter”, right: “Wind”, left: “Wetter”, 2015

“Durch Wind und Wetter”, 2015

“Durch Wind und Wetter”, 2015

The pieces were exhibited in the exhibition “Offene Galerie 2016/2017” which ran from 3 December 2016 to 21 January 2017 in Simone Czech’s wonderful Art Gallery: Galerie 143 in Dortmund, Germany . Click here for an impression of the opening night.

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