Fry your mind

I made an installation out of aluminium tubes and rope for a one day exhibition/event ‘Fry your Mind’ to celebrate the project of former snackbar de Roos in Arnhem, which was exploited by Tijs van Trigt as studio and music/art event place and has now closed down. ‘Fry your mind’ was a one day and night exhibition and music event, in which 17 artists and musicians collaborated.

IMG_1217 (2) - kopie IMG_1110 (2) - kopie IMG_1216 (2) - kopie IMG_1217 (2) - kopie IMG_1223 (2) - kopie IMG_1245 (2) - kopie IMG_1248 (2) - kopie IMG_1256 (2) - kopie IMG_1260 (2) - kopie IMG_1271 (2) - kopie IMG_1279 (2) - kopie


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