>>Garage 2015<< Kunstaktion

On 15 July Kuenstlerhaus Dortmund organised an evening in the kuenstlerhaus garden called >>Garage 2015<< Kunstaktion von Willeke van Ravenhorst. For this evening I created a site specific installation. I also gave a presentation to introduce myself and talk about my plans and ideas about my work and the Ruhr Area. The whole evening, people could watch a video showing several different process/ build-up video time-lapses of former projects/ installations I did. Below some photo’s of the installation. Below the photo’s links to more information about the evening, and a press interview about my work.


IMG_1856 IMG_1857 IMG_1865 IMG_1867

For more information about this event, please click the following links for the kuenstlerhaus newsletter, facebook event and the event on the kuenstlerhaus website. Here is a press interview I gave about my work, project and this event:  nordstadt blogger.