Tilt – new work for Up Amersfoort

For Up Amersfoort – an Art Route guiding you through Amersfoort’s many existing public art pieces, enriched by new, temporary work by nine artist for the occasion – I have created a site specific installation entitled Tilt. The installation plays with the existing lines in the architecture of the Zonnehof, especially with the fabulous Rietveld Paviljoen. It tilts, transforms, mirrors and crosses the existing lines and shaped, creating a flying perspective drawing, dancing in the sky as you cross the space, meant to evoke a more intense experience and awareness of the space and its awesome dynamics.

Curator: Henk van den Bosch
Artists: Alphons ter Avest, Gerbrand Burger, André Groothuizen, Anne ten Ham, Tom Putman, Marijke Schurink, Tanja Smeets, Anna Skubisz and Willeke van Ravenhorst.
Period: 18 June – 11 September 2022
Website: http://www.up-amersfoort.nl

Tilt (detail) | 24 m x 48 m x 13 m | 400 metres of seatbelt, several metal connection points | Up Amersfoort | 2022